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walk into splintered sunlight
why is it like this
06|25|09 - 17:29 - I want to Rock with you !!
veda shirt stencil
Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both passed on today :(

My mom was a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, so much so that on Monday April, 25 in 1988 my mom flew me and my younger brother the Houston for his concert !! I will NEVER forget when he sang Billie Jean and the floor lit up just like it did in the video ..

Rest in Peace MJ

My Mardi Gras annual post !!!!!!!

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Everything we do is FREE (besides drinking and some food) and anyone is welcome to join us.. This is just a list of things that we do; however there are lots of things .. follow this link for parade listings http://www.mardigrasparadeschedule.com/krewes/
Today is a awesome day... YAY !!!! *_*

My Friend Nicole is lucky enough to be there today !!

She was behind the Washington Monument and said the feeling was amazing !!

This is all she could see ... people

she was on the plane between a lady from Dubai and man from Japan, also going to Washington !!
12|16|08 - 10:56 - Mailing List
Mailing out Holiday cards today *_* , if you would like to receive one, leave me your address..


veda shirt stencil
IT IS SNOWING !!!!!!!! *_* *_* *_*

IN NEW ORLEANS !!!!!! SNOW ?!?!?!??!


think i will stay home from work *_* and play

Barry and Veda just knocked on the door... I opened it and they throw a SNOWBALL at me *_* Read more...Collapse )

.............................. a moment of silence for all that were lost .......

Deciding what to do, we are planing as of now, to stay home. we got about two & 1/2 feet of water for Katrina (my house is three feet off the ground), but we are high, and have no trees in our surrounding area. We have a generator, and east jefferson doesn't have a voluntary or mandatory evacuation as of yet.

GUSTAV is NOT even in the gulf yet... so we will wait and see, I think that is best for now, no need to go to texas as the store could go there, or anywhere else..

I just don't want to be gone from my home for three/four months again :(

I hope everyone is safe.

Gustav you should just disappear ... really
06|30|08 - 09:42 - i was just thinking
dirty thoughts
good lorddddddddddddddddddd really

i think i am STILL drunk from last night ..... :|
and now i am at work jezzzz. and was almost an hour late *bites nails*

anyway, when is the wrock concert ??
i think i got a text from patty.. asking about it but i really don't have anyone's number so patty, elise, and jen get me your numbers PLEASE ...
court.. i still have yours *___* my phone spared you
srsly only you and jess

anyone up for a movie soon ??
02|04|08 - 10:52 - a little history
mardi gras
I used to be that person who dreaded the two weeks of mardi gras.. the puking and peeing in the street, the ridiculous of drinking, and the stupidity of doing whatever it took to get those plastic beads.. I never understood the locals who stayed, I always wanted to take a vacation at that time but working in the service industry always prevented me from doing that.

Then on one Mardi Gras day in 1998 a friend of mine from New York wanted to walk around the Quarter so after much huffing and puffing we decided to walk around, and I saw the most wonderful thing ever ... many many people (locals) with these elaborate gorgeous costumes, the air was filled with bubbles and glitter and streamers, so we decided to follow the group, they were headed to the river. What I saw and heard was just magical to me, I cried, and I cry every year now. That was the day that Mardi Gras came into my heart and soul, and I think the city did also, I really knew what it meant to be a part of something. I now truly LOVE this time of year, there is no other place in the world that I would rather be ...

I have come to love all of it really ... the song say's it all .. if you have any sorrows or burdens please bring them with you and leave them in the river .. cleanse yourself .. you will feel it move you
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12|22|07 - 22:56 - SOOOO !! !
MR blood
thought I made a post for addresses, but alas .. i noticed that i didn't ...

but if anyone would like a holiday card and maybe some cookies :D leave me your address :D:D

11|17|07 - 09:43 - WHOHOO!!!!
super jr 3
IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! elseinane


have fun at REN fest today ... i wish i was going, but didn't know i would be off of work :(
have a beautiful day
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